We are a small, inspiring and focused press on issues most central to human potential and our connection to the world.



Propriometrics Press is a small press located in Washington State. We published our first title, biomechanist Katy Bowman’s Alignment Matters, in 2013. Since then, our books have become bestsellers, been translated into 12 languages (and counting!) and brought radical concepts like furniture-free living and cellular sedentarism into mainstream media.

In 2016, we added books by Roland and Galina Denzel and Alison Bernhoft to our catalogue, and in 2017, we published Dawn Again by Doniga Markegard. Click here to see our full catalog, and here to learn more about our authors.

Propriometrics Press uses small, independent providers whenever we can. All our books are printed on recycled paper in the USA.


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In the fourth grade, Bowman crushed Ms. Franich’s summer reading contest by submitting over 800 pages read (a tiny construction paper book was given for every 25 pages). She ceremoniously stapled each “25 pages” book next to her name, creating a line that (obnoxiously, to many) went off of the bulletin board and trailed down toward the floor.

To this day, she needs spellchecker for words like bulletin, but adores books, especially books by people with brilliant, convention-defying ideas that inspire her to evolve.



Penelope is an editor living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having worked for over a dozen years in book publishing, she is passionate about making text of all kinds excellent, and she is particularly delighted to be working with Propriometrics Press on books with radical and transformative messages for our minds, bodies, and communities. She is homeschooling her two young children, and she divides her time between the laptop, the banjo, the woods, and the ocean.



Stephanie Domet was born on August 30, which makes her a Virgo, which makes her very keen to alphabetize your belongings, clean out your junk drawer, and generally tell you how you could be doing everything more efficiently. She feels most at home with a to-do list in one hand and a smart phone in the other. In this way, she is particularly suited to work as Operations Manager at Propriometrics Press. When she’s not solving problems, sending emails, or teaching herself how to make spreadsheets, she’s writing novels, practicing piano, or at the beach. She vastly prefers working with books to anything else she’s ever done.


Zsofi Koller is a web and print designer living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. She is particularly fond of moving her body, reading, and designing beautiful things–so getting to create the designs for a small press with the mission of Propriometrics Press is a dream come true. On a given day you can find Zsofi getting schooled by her twin daughters, walking her hyperactive young dog by the ocean, and dancing to Daft Punk at her standing desk.


Emily Keough is a recent graduate of Portland State’s book publishing masters program and currently lives in Portland, OR by way of Tennessee. Working in books has been her lifelong dream! She enjoys promoting the lovely authors and books of Propriometrics Press through the website, social media, and marketing campaigns.