EAT WELL, MOVE WELL, LIVE WELL: 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week
BY Galina and Roland Denzel

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FORMAT: Paperback, ebook

This INDIE GOLD WINNER for BEST HEALTH BOOK is a straightforward, “one week at a time” guide to living your most vibrant life.


“Read this book cover-to-cover…or go “choose your own adventure” style. Whatever you choose, by following suggestions on everything from movement to food to working to de-stressing, you’ll find the tools to make significant changes in a week.” – Foreword Reviews

Wellness is a complex subject that involves many categories, all which could use a little tune-up: eating, sleeping, moving, and daily stress.

“Becoming healthier” can feel overwhelming, which is where Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well comes in.

No need for a dozen different books to learn the nuances of each aspect of wellness; this book allows you to take immediate action, one week at a time, starting with the way you find most appealing and actionable.


Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well includes 52 WAYS TO FEEL BETTER IN A WEEK grouped by theme:

  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Home, Office, and Lifestyle
  • Mind and Body


This one book has fifty-two experiments in wellness to try, such as:

  • Detox your pantry
  • Learn to “eat water” to stay better hydrated
  • How to end a bad day well
  • Get dirty in the garden
  • Finding the perfect fitness path for your body
  • Furniture minimalism
  • Clean up your sleep!


Whether you’re already living a healthy lifestyle or are ready to turn over a new leaf, you’ll find a new ways to approach wellness, from movement, alignment, and walking; to fish, fats, and fermented foods; to sleeping, vacationing, and working; and bad days, de-stressing, and building a support network. Each chapter includes tasks to enable you to embark on real, immediate change within a week!


“Whether you’re mostly healthy with a few areas where you could do better, or just beginning your path to cleaner living, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well helps you target the changes that will bring your own health to the next level.” —Mark Sisson, bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint

“An informative and helpful book that is also fun. The Denzels offer practical guidance on how to take advantage of cutting-edge health information, all while making it easy to see big-picture ways to improve your life.” —Dan Pardi, PhD, CEO, &

“With EatMoveLive52, readers benefit from a method as simple as it is powerful. By adopting a series of manageable habits and focusing on building awareness, readers of this book will be set up to finally achieve sustainable success. In a sea of fitness confusion, this an oasis of sanity.” —Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher Fitness

“Roland & Galina offer a down to earth roadmap for a lifestyle overhaul. They enthusiastically touch on a little of everything, highlighting the important fact that ‘lifestyle’ isn’t just what we eat or how long we exercise…there’s so much more.”  —Angelo Coppola, author of The Plant Paleo Diet, creator of Latest in Paleo

“Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well is a light-hearted and personal journey through many important aspects of health and well-being. Roland and Galina Denzel pull together research, personal experience, and a hefty dose of common sense to help us live better in the modern world.” —Stephan Guyenet, PhD, Author of The Hungry Brain

“Well-written, relatable, and most importantly full of tips for doing stuff right away, this book covers pretty much everything you need to know to live, eat, play, and just be better. Don’t be fooled by the friendly tone; this book is experience and evidence-based, full of solid advice you can use immediately.” —Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD,

“This book is gold. If you want to start eating, moving, and living better, but have felt overwhelmed, let Roland and Galina show you the way.” —Molly Galbraith, owner of Girls Gone Strong

“Roland and Galina have put together an amazingly useful book here, since the information is both accurate and actionable, which is a rare 1-2 punch. I highly recommend you pick up this book and put it into practice.   I know you will be better for it.” —Mike T Nelson, CSCS, PhD, Owner Flex Diet Cert


International wellness coaches Galina and Roland Denzel help people achieve their health goals through simple solutions and easily manageable changes. They share a practice in Colorado and reach thousands more via their website, They are the authors of many books, including Peace with Self, Peace with Food; The Real Food Reset; and Man on Top, their weight loss system based on Roland’s own 100-pound weight loss, which has kept him lean and fit for 20 years. Along with their training in corrective exercise, nutrition, cooking, and coaching, they bring a wealth of personal experience, warmth, humor, and a healthy dose of wisdom to the table.