Rethink Your Position + Movement Matters + Free Workshop Ticket



RETHINK YOUR POSITION: Reshape Your Exercise, Yoga, and Everyday Movement, One Part at a Time

Learn how to support your health by making small changes in how the individual parts of your body are positioned and how they move—not only at the gym, but at the office, in the kitchen, on a walk with friends….even while you’re sleeping.

Once you’re done with the essays in Rethink Your Position, you’re going to want to keep reading. Plan ahead and pick up the perfect sequel now!

Movement Matters explores the meaning and importance of movement at a communal or cultural level. By the end of Rethink Your Position you’ll be a body-part nerd. Next, you can geek out on how our whole bodies are also a part: of a family, a community, and a species.

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Also included is a free ticket to the online workshop with Katy:

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